microscopic crystalline landscape photography by tim oliver


Working to a space

If you have a new space that needs wall-hanging artwork, I can create a set of images that harmonise with it in terms of scale, colour, content and form. I can also work with you to achieve the best method of printing and mounting to enhance the overall experience.

Scale – the images work well in both modern, spacious environments, and more intimate rooms. The impact of the enlarged image is stunning in a large open space, while the captivating detail from the evolving crystals in a smaller scale draws you in.

Colour – even though all the colours are created naturally by the microscope optics, I have a great deal of control over the palette and as a result can create a series of images that work with your colour schemes.

Content – The range of images available is extraordinary, from the minimal and expansive blocks of citric acid colour to the detailed and intricate patterns of Epsom salts: The choice of content has a big influence on the feel of a space.

Form – The form of these images ranges from the colder straight lines to life-affirming rhythmic organic shapes and in combination with the content, you can achieve a set of images that both confirm and enhance the identity of the space.

If you’re interested please email me and we can discuss your project further.

Your own body fluids

Odd as it may seem to some, many people like the idea of having their own body fluids crystallised and turned into large-scale wall hangings. Whether it be a private joke or the desires of an ego-maniac, the results can be spectacular. As you can see from the gallery of my own emissions, the images are not only weird and wonderful but also very colourful and engaging. And it’s not too much of an ordeal to put into action! Please email me if you’re interested.